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About Me


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Favorite Book:

The Neverending Story

Favorite Television:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Video Game:

the Final Fantasy series

To be successful at content, a business must focus less on its needs as the creator and instead focus on the needs of its customers as the audience: telling the stories they want to hear and read.

Let me help your team tell your story.

I am an award-winning managing editor and creative director with more than ten years of experience in communications and publications. My expertise includes content management and brand development as well as technical editing and editorial writing for magazines and newspapers, nonprofits, SaaS startups, and more.

I am most successful leading teams of writers, editors, artists, and other content producers to beat deadlines and publish flawless works for print and web. I thrive in environments where I can coach and mentor my team members, relieving any pain points in the workflow and helping them become better at their crafts and trades while praising their successes and encouraging their growth.

I’m also an event planner and media relations expert with web design and print shop experience.

In my free time, I enjoy playing tabletop and video games, reading comics, and working on my three novels, usually while I listen to the cat chase the dogs around the house.

How I Can Help You



Coaching & Mentoring

Need someone to develop your content team? I love working with a group of writers, editors, artists, designers, and any other media producers to create effective content for print, web, and video. As an expert strategist, I can help your team create and execute its project plans to ensure deadlines are successfully met, if not beaten. I’ll also work one-on-one with each of your team members, plotting his or her career growth and helping...

Technical (re)Writing

I have an uncanny ability to rewrite highly complicated documents and make them interesting and understandable for all audiences without losing the original technical meaning or importance. Whether you’re a health-care professional or an aerospace, mechanical, or software engineer, we’ll first discuss your needs as the content creator before analyzing your audience’s needs as the patient, client, or end...

Periodical Publishing

I’ve been in the publishing business since I was 17 years old, working as a paid writer for my local newspaper while assisting in the print shop. Through the following decade, I became creative director of a local newsmagazine and founded a lifestyle publication that went on to find national distribution. I love creating content that people want to read, collaborating with other writers who share that same passion, and working with...

Manuals & Instructions

Everyone loves clear, concise directions. Whether it’s the release of a physical product with instructions for assembly, the creation of a policy and procedures manual, or the launch of new software for an operations management team with step-by-step guidance to ease the transition, you and I will determine if written instructions or a series of videos will work better for your project by examining your audience...

My Work Experience





2018 to 2019

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Successfully managed the launch of the new company website, teaching team members about web publishing best practices while coordinating the quality assurance process with internal stakeholders and external developers.

Created a content calendar for blog, social media, webinar, and email campaigns that told a unified story across all channels yet had the flexibility to evolve based on the company’s changing needs.

Recruited, hired, and led a team of freelance writers and graphic designers to regularly contribute to the creation of blog posts, eBooks, case studies, media kits, and more.


2016 to 2018

Managing Editor

Curate and edit travel news and reviews of destinations, food, wine, and culture for LGBT and allied audiences.

Work with the publisher to establish brand direction and recruitment guidelines to build the online magazine into the premier source for LGBT travel news.

Notkin Mechanical Engineers

2014 to 2018

Senior Technical Editor

former Technical Editor & Specification Trainer
former Operations & Marketing Specialist

Coordinated the production of sixteen 250- to 500-page reports, studies, and design narratives per month from a team of thirty engineers and their subcontractors while managing a team of three editors to ensure project deadlines are met.

Strategically divided responsibilities among a team of three editors, ensuring successful project completion based on each member’s individual strengths.

Recruited and trained new editing team members, coaching each one as he or she learns the company’s systems and procedures while helping to balance workloads across multiple projects and other office responsibilities.

Completely overhauled the internal training materials, creating and implementing a true style and branding guide that included detailed instructions on all editing, publication, and submittal procedures.


2015 to 2017

Content Manager

Nurtured relationships with industry bloggers through the implementation of a “link building” marketing plan, leading to a total 75% increase in search engine results, more visits to the company marketing site, and steady monthly increases in end user numbers.

Wrote and edited technical documentation and video tutorials on web development, cloud server management, and firewall management for audiences ranging from novice web developers to expert systems administrators.

Maintained consistent search engine optimization growth through effective, informative, and instructional content.

UNITE Magazine

2011 to 2014

Managing Editor

former Contributing Writer for OMG! Magazine

Created and implemented a new business model to launch a lifestyle magazine for distinct local markets as UNITE Nashville and UNITE Indianapolis/Louisville.

Launched a national title, UNITE Business, through partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Recruited and coached a team of 30 contributing writers and editors on magazine publication and how to write for target audiences.

Trained and mentored the creative director on more effective and efficient use of Adobe Creative Suite while influencing the overall design according to the established brand image.

National Health Care for the Homeless Council

2012 to 2013

Communications Coordinator

Edited and facilitated the production of Healing Hands, the award-winning, peer-reviewed publication for health care for the homeless providers, while guiding the communications committee through interviews with subject matter experts in medicine and government policy.

Coordinated the marketing and promotion of regional events and training opportunities across the country, resulting in the largest National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium in the organization’s 27 year history.

Increased webinar audiences from less than 100 attendees per session to more than 2,000 through effective use of email and social media marketing campaigns.

Out & About Newspaper


Managing Editor & Creative Director

Implemented the publication’s first, annual editorial calendar, establishing three-, six-, and twelve-month content cycles through weekly and monthly meetings with writers, photographers, and board members while leading the publication’s creative direction.

Produced large-scale photo shoots with limited to no budget through effective negotiations with models, photographers, and hair and makeup artists, including an outdoor shoot that featured 25 models, a refurbished school bus, and a balloon drop.

Mentored voluntary contributors on proper news writing and interviewing techniques by way of writers’ workshops and one-on-one development sessions.

Sky Publishers

2011 to 2012


Edited articles and web copy for spelling, punctuation, organization, and content, with a focus on those highlighting professionals and advancements in fitness and health care.

Coached freelance writers on how to maintain keyword density for search engine optimization by using track changes, document comments, and web meetings.

Selected Freelance Projects

2008 to present

Writer, Editor, Brand Developer

Successfully completed several projects for private clients, including ghostwriting a true crime novel, developing a brand image for a new fashion blog, and remaking the social media plan for a privately owned gym.

TRIM Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty

2006 to 2011

Salon Director & Communications Coordinator

Managed a team of more than 30 employees while overseeing the schedules of 2,500 clients.

Drafted comprehensive operations and training manuals for a major salon that detailed software operating procedures, best policies and practices for client relations, and inventory management procedures.

Coordinated the backstage hair and makeup for three consecutive years at the CMA Awards, CMA Music Fest, and Nashville Fashion Week.

Co-wrote, -produced, and -directed a live hair show that featured three hair stylists working with thirteen models in a three-hour live production and successfully marketed the event across five states, resulting in ticket sellouts.

Visual Merchandiser and Co-manager

2005 to 2007

Visual Merchandiser and Co-manager

Created new company-wide brand guides using high-impact visual presentation while traveling to the prototype store on a monthly basis.

Influenced brand messaging in signage and other marketing and merchandising collateral.

The Flor-Ala

2001 to 2003

LifeStyle Editor

Designed award-winning newspaper and yearbook layouts while writing and editing local and national entertainment news articles.


University of North Alabama

2001 to 2005

B.S. in Human Environmental Sciences with Honors in English

Concentration in Merchandising and a Minor in Professional Writing.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

The Stuff I Do Best

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

I knew I would be a writer when I was in kindergarten. Even then, I could place my thoughts in a logical order to tell an effective story and could find the words to get my ideas to the page correctly. Of course, Ms. Thomas helped me a little.

Growing up, I continued telling stories, whether elaborate fairy tales about a princess rescuing herself from the dragon’s den or research papers explaining the philosophical goals of a classic novel.

When I pursued merchandising along with my technical studies, I realized that, to be successful with the business stories I wanted to write professionally, I had pay less attention to my needs as the writer and focus more on my audience’s needs as readers.

Over the past several years, I have continually applied that same concept.

From instruction manuals to white papers, scholarly articles to entertainment pieces, all writing should be clear, concise, and easy to read to keep an audience coming back for more.

  • Grammar Rules & Punctuation
  • Research and Fact Checking
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Organization & Planning



Pretty Good


Chicago Manual of Style and The AP Stylebook

WordPress, Drupal, HTML & CSS

Apple iWork and Microsoft Office

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Awards and Affiliations

  • Recipient of an APEX Award for Publication Excellence for “Hepatitis C Update,” Healing Hands, Vol. 17, No. 2, Spring 2013
  • Recipient of Second Place Award in Best of Collegiate Design 11 for University of North Alabama Diorama 2003
  • Former media partner of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
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