How I Can Help You

Coaching & Mentoring

Need someone to develop your content team? I love working with a group of writers, editors, artists, designers, and any other media producers to create effective content for print, web, and video. As an expert strategist, I can help your team create and execute its project plans to ensure deadlines are successfully met, if not beaten. I’ll also work one-on-one with each of your team members, plotting his or her career growth and helping him or her “get for next,” while actively recruiting new talent through business-to-business networking events and writing workshops.

Periodical Publishing

I’ve been in the publishing business since I was 17 years old, working as a paid writer for my local newspaper while assisting in the print shop. Through the following decade, I became creative director of a local newsmagazine and founded a lifestyle publication that went on to find national distribution. I love creating content that people want to read, collaborating with other writers who share that same passion, and working with amazing designers to create the beautiful package to house it all. If you’re looking for a contributing writer or managing editor to join your team, I’m your person.

Technical (re)Writing

I have an uncanny ability to rewrite highly complicated documents and make them interesting and understandable for all audiences without losing the original technical meaning or importance. Whether you’re a health-care professional or an aerospace, mechanical, or software engineer, we’ll first discuss your needs as the content creator before analyzing your audience’s needs as the patient, client, or end user. Then, I’ll do a full copy edit of your work while revising the trouble spots that could lead to confusion, frustration, or sales loss. Finally, you and I will review the markup before preparing your final draft for publication.

Documentation & Instruction

Everyone loves clear, concise directions. Whether it’s the release of a physical product with instructions for assembly, the creation of a policy and procedures manual, or the launch of new software for an operations management team with step-by-step guidance to ease the transition, you and I will determine if written instructions or a series of videos will work better for your project by examining your audience and the immediacy of your release. Multiple reviews will occur to ensure your documentation is correct and all steps are covered.


One-on-One Development & Group Workshops

Writing is hard. But, it is so fulfilling to see your words reach publication. I want every aspiring writer to experience that, so I offer one-on-one sessions and group workshops for beginning writers looking to contribute to community newspapers or magazines, helping them hone their craft and learn proper journalistic style, interviewing techniques, and ways to write for the web. Creative writing workshops are also available, offering firm yet constructive criticism to build a better writer.